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Can your email signature

drive web traffic?impress potential customers?advertise promotions?announce new products?

Ours can.

  •  Custom email signatures for your whole team.
  •  Update your banners every month.
  •  Previously sent emails are updated automatically.
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Effortless marketing.

Are you ignoring one of the most versatile marketing channels at your disposal by letting your team use ineffective or unattractive email signatures? We can fix that for you. These are just a small sample of the amazing things you can do with your new custom email signature.

Build Your Brand Recognition

Sell branded merchandise, announce upcoming in-person events, display product photos, give holiday greetings, and hold contests.

Promote Events & Sell Tickets

For your next event, use your banner to announce dates and locations, highlight noteworthy speakers, build awareness, and offer early registration discounts.

Easily Schedule Demos

Make it quick and painless for potential customers to book their own demos and appointments at their convenience, from any email you’ve ever sent them.

Highlight Articles & Reports

If you publish articles, studies, or other reports, use your banner to give them prolonged exposure to your digital audience in a way that social media can't.

Offer Discounts

Use your banner to amplify the exposure on limited time offers and promotions to customers you might not reach through traditional marketing channels.

Increase Newsletter Signups

Use your banner to draw your customer's attention to your email newsletter, even if they don't frequently visit your company's website or social media.

Request Customer Reviews

Eliminate every possible step in the process of soliciting reviews by putting a single click between your customers reading your emails and leaving a review.

Encourage Engagement

Email is well-suited to communicating with potential customers without any pressure. Use your banner to let them engage with you on their own terms.

Showcase Positive Feedback

Testimonials are powerful, but only if potential customers see them. Use your banner to show off impressive reviews from existing customers.

Announce New Products & Features

Use your banner to advertise new products to existing clients without overwhelming them with marketing materials otherwise meant for potential customers.

Email marketing is highly underrated.

Of small business employees send 10+ emails per day on average.
Emails are sent by the average employee each week.
Is the average ROI for every dollar spent on email marketing.
Of email marketers use signatures to boost brand awareness.
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Our signatures work where our
customers work. Everywhere.

Our signatures go through extensive testing to make sure they display properly and consistently in every inbox. They can be deployed in almost every mainstream email platform and client*:

  •  Mail App on iOS and iPadOS
  •  Microsoft Outlook (PC & Mac)
  •  Office365 and
  •  Gmail & Google Workplace
  •  Microsoft Edge
  •  Google Chrome
  •  Mozilla Firefox
  •  Apple Safari

Schedule a free demo today and we’ll confirm that your email platform and email clients support custom HTML signatures.

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*Android OS does not currently support HTML signatures.

We do the work,
you look good.


Work one-on-one with a graphic designer to create the perfect, custom signature to showcase you and your listings.

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A real, live person will remotely assist you with setting up your signature on your computer(s) and mobile device(s).

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Tell us what listings to change each week and we update it for you. Plus, your sent emails get updated automatically!

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Our customers are saying
great things about us.

Five stars

“We use our new email signatures to get the word out about upcoming conferences that we are attending and sponsoring. We’ve seen a considerable uptick in engagement at those events as as result, and we get compliments on the signatures all the time. We couldn’t be happier!”

– Randy N., San Diego, CA

Five stars

“Until we deployed our awesome new email signatures, the most frequent questions we got were about upcoming tax deadlines. Now our banner does the work for us and we can focus on billable work.”

– Sherry L., Dana Point, CA

Five stars

“Our inventory is constantly changing, so I used to spend hours each week just emailing my customers our latest price books and newsletters. With the automatically updating links in my signature, I clawed back all that wasted time.”

– Justan F., Paris, France

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